Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my phone number for the gate?
All requests can be submitted via email or phone.  If submitting your request via email please include the unit owner’s full name, phone number they would like to have the gate call, property address and contact number where they can be reached in case the office has questions.  They should be sent to:

How do I gain entry to the Community, Clubhouse and the Pool Facilities?
Please note vehicle tags are required to enter the community. The cost is $40.00/tag. The price for your first two tags was added to your closing fees when you purchased your unit. Any tags purchased after that time are $40.00/tag. Key FOBS are required to access the clubhouse and pool and badges are required to swim in the pool. Both these items should be given to the buyer from the seller. If the buyer did not receive them at the time of purchase they can be replaced for a fee. Please contact Alfonso Santos, Onsite Supervisor to pick up your new vehicle tags or purchase additional vehicle tags, and purchase replacements for key FOBs and badges if needed. Al’s ext. is 23, his email is: and his office is located behind the clubhouse, his hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9-5 and Monday, Thursday 12 – 8. We accept cash, check or direct online payment. If paying by check it should be made payable to: City Homes at Essex Park and mailed with the form. Download and print the Vehicle Information Sheet.

My gate tag stopped working or never worked, who do I call?
Call your property administrator, Diane Murphy in the Management office at: (973) 228 5477 ext. 130.  Before you make the call you must have the following information handy for the vehicle tag you are calling in reference to, make, model, color and license plate.  Please be aware that if you attempt to remove the windshield sticker tag or use one from a different vehicle it will become inactive and you may have to purchase a new tag.

I received a warning/ticket on my vehicle and I do not know why?
If you received a warning/ticket on your vehicle chances are you may have violated one of the parking rules and regulations of the community or you are driving a new vehicle which has not been registered with the Management Company.  You can email, mail or fax your inquiry to Diane Murphy in the Management Office.

When is garbage/recycle pick up?
Please visit the Belleville website and click on Recycle Calendar and/or Garbage Calendar to get the full and up to date schedules.

How many pets are allowed per unit?
Each unit may have up to two (2) domesticated dogs and one (1) inside cat.  Please click the link provided here and print a copy of the Official Pet Rules and Regulations.

What is provided by the Association as part of my maintenance fees?
Care of all common areas; Pool, Clubhouse, Gazebos, Bocci Court, Landscaping, Snow Removal, Driveways, Parking Areas, Retention Walls, Security Gate, Fencing, Guard House, Lighting, Insurance, Employees to manage and care for the company, collection of maintenance fee payments, & water for the irrigation in the common area, pest control if needed, building supplies, federal taxes on common property, care of front fountain, Fire Alarm Systems and monitoring of sprinkler houses.

Who is responsible for repair & maintenance for the interior & exterior of the units?
All interior repairs from the studs in are the home owner’s responsibility.  Exterior repairs, studs out, are the Associations Responsibility, i.e., roofs, siding, walk ways, etc…If you need to submit a maintenance request or repair, click here.

What type of insurance do I need?
Home owners require HO-6 Condo Insurance to cover the inside of their unit from the studs in.

How do I dispose of bulk/furniture/construction debris?
Go to the website for the township of Belleville and click on the link for the DPW.

How/when can I rent the clubhouse?
Please click the link below to reserve your date and time at the clubhouse. The base cost for a minimum rental of the clubhouse shall be $500.00 payable to ESSEX PARK CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION. This entitles the renter to exclusive use of the clubhouse area, including bathroom facilities. You cannot use the pool area. An additional security deposit of $500.00, in a separate check, payable to ESSEX PARK CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION is also required. Please note that only ONE event can be booked in a 24-hour time period. Book the Clubhouse and print a Clubhouse Agreement Form.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Insurance for the development?
Please call F.M. Christiano at (201) 587 9014 and they will be able to assist you and provide a certificate of insurance endorsed to your lender.

Where do the monthly dues get sent to?
Monthly fees can be paid online OR you can pay via mail:

Please allow an extra few days for USPS mail to be received. Send check payable to: City Homes at Essex Park, in the mail addressed to:
City Homes at Essex Park
c/o Cedarcrest Property Mgt
PO Box 98235
Phoenix, AZ 85038-0235

Please be sure your account # is listed on the check and to include your payment coupon.

Download Payment Instructions: Essex Park Payment Options

How do I get new/replacement or update stickers for my pool badges?
You can pick up new or replacement pool stickers in the management office Monday thru Friday 9:30 am to 4:30 pm no appointment necessary.

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