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Posted on: November 22, 2017

Essex Park Holiday Decorations

Dear Essex Park Residents,

The holidays are fast approaching! Below are some rules and regulations when decorating for the holidays. Although the bylaws state that resident’s front doors are the only area that can be decorated the association has relaxed the rules  for the holidays. Please understand the rules being relaxed are relying on the fact that residents decorate within reason and do not take advantage of the latitude being given.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Cedarcrest Property Management.

Residents can decorate their front doors and balconies on the outside of units.

Holiday decorations can begin being displayed the day after Thanksgiving (November 24th and until January 7th.)

Bushes in front of units can be decorated within reason.

Please do not install wires where they may become a trip hazard.

Blowup statues can not be used.

Laser Snow showers/laser light spotlights can not be used. All with the addition of spot lights are not permitted that face buildings or units.

Please do not change the bulbs of light fixtures above garages, balconies, or above front doors. Do not hang anything around light fixtures to prevent breakage.

Lights can not be strung around garage doors.

Nails, screws, or strong adhesives can not be used as this can damage the structure or siding.

Please be mindful of the brightness of lights being used as they can effect your neighbors.

Happy Holidays!!

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