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Posted on: April 26, 2019

Modification Request Form

Dear Residents,

On Wednesday 4/24/19  you received an email concerning garage doors. In one part of the message, it mentioned filling out a modification request when wanting to make any alterations to the common area. If you recently received a message about replacing your door handle it will not apply in this case. Meaning for that item you do not have to send in a request. In the future for this item you will.

However, whenever a resident wishes, to make any alterations to a common element you MUST fill out a modification request form and send to management for approval from the association. The purpose is not to tell residents what to do it is to prevent residents from purchasing the wrong item and then being asked to remove which can be additional costs. These items would include:


Storm Doors

Door Bells

Door Hardware

Garage Doors

As a reminder in the event that a light stops working in the common area do not alter the light bulb. Alfonso will change the bulb for you.  The modification request form can also be found on the community website. At any time, the best practice is to contact management who will intern seek approval for the item. All of the above items have specific models and brands that are approved by the association and the only items that can be installed. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact management.


Thank you!

Modification Request Form


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