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Posted on: October 3, 2018

Open House Rules

Just a friendly reminder about Open House Rules!

Posted on: November 22, 2017

Open House Protocol for Essex Park

Dear Essex Park Residents,

Open houses are a frequent and welcomed occurrence in our community. Unfortunately, some not all real estate agents have taken liberties and freedoms when conducting an open house that they should not have. Moving forward they are no longer permitted.

Please see the list below if your home is currently listed please forward the list to your agent. If you plan on listing your home in the future please abide by the following parameters. This list will be posted on the communities website. If this list is updated at any time the community will be informed.

Thank you for your cooperation it is greatly appreciated! 😃

 🏘  Essex Park Open House Protocol 🏘

Units must contact management in writing a minimum of one week before the open house with the unit number, date, and times the open house will be taking place. Please email with all the above information.

Open Houses can only take place on a Sunday between the hours of 11am-4pm. Guests of the open house must utilize open parking spots marked “visitor” only. There is no on street parking, parking in front of units or in fire lanes.

Open house signs and balloons can be placed on corners or in front of units but must be removed at the conclusion of the open house.

No Flags or large items are to be placed at the front gate or in the fountain area. A sign with instructions on how to gain access to the community can be placed above the key pad on the guard house. The sign can be attached to the siding only. The size of the sign can not exceed 8X10. Excess tape can not be used, and the sign and all tape must be removed at the conclusion of the open house. Signs can not be attached to the glass doors of the guardhouse.

If any of the above items damage common element property the damage charges can be reflected on the unit’s account.

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